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Counting the Hidden Costs: Unmasking Ransomware's Financial Impact

MGM Casinos' recent bout with ransomware has cast a spotlight on the insidious financial complexities hidden beneath these digital onslaughts.

Despite refusing to pay the ransom, MGM estimate that the incident has cost them a staggering $100 million in reported damages. So what exactly are these damages comprised of?

Business Disruption

Ransomware doesn't just encrypt data; it paralyses an organisation's operations. Every moment of downtime is a hemorrhage of financial resources. Imagine a scenario where employees are unable to access vital systems or data for weeks on end. The financial repercussions are staggering. Missed business opportunities accumulate, productivity takes a nosedive, and the arduous efforts required to restore functionality come with a hefty price tag.

Reputational Damage

Trust is the bedrock of business success, and a ransomware attack can shatter it. The adverse publicity accompanying these incidents can erode customer and client confidence over the long term. Consider the potential loss of high-value clients who might seek services elsewhere, the tarnishing of a once-pristine brand, and the compromised ability to attract new business. The multifaceted financial impact extends far beyond the immediate aftermath of the attack, affecting revenue streams and market share for years to come.

Legal Consequences

A ransomware attack can unleash a legal maelstrom that is as costly as it is complex. Lawsuits from affected parties seeking redress for data breaches can spiral into multimillion-dollar settlements, draining financial resources. Regulatory agencies may not only impose fines for the lapse in safeguarding sensitive information but also demand costly remediation efforts. The legal fees incurred while navigating this labyrinthine terrain, including the hiring of expert legal counsel and the procurement of necessary documentation, further exacerbate the financial strain.

Incident Response Costs

Once a ransomware attack unfolds, organisations must respond swiftly and decisively. This necessitates the engagement of legal counsel, technology consultants, and cybersecurity experts. These professionals work tirelessly to investigate the breach, mitigate the damage, and fortify defenses against future threats. These services are indispensable but come at a significant financial cost. Moreover, as the incident unfolds, the cost of incident response continues to mount, particularly if the attackers' motives and techniques remain shrouded in uncertainty, requiring prolonged investigation.


In a world where ransomware threats loom large, don't underestimate the iceberg lurking beneath the surface. Beyond ransoms, hidden costs can sink your business.

Take control. As 90% of ransomware incidents stem from human error, you need to invest in cybersecurity training.

Contact us today to turn your employees into human firewalls.


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